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Political parties & Leaders Must Engage With Urban Voters

Lack of a connect with the political circuits is the primary reason that holds the urban popilation back from exercising their right to vote. A lot of young people are disoriented with the political system today. That is because they collectively feel that Parties/Candidates have failed to engage with them. Also given the situation across the country, they think that there is no one out there who is worth their vote. So there is need for vaule based education to change the narrative of Politics and improve the Quality of leaders. The young voters feel alienated from Politics & its representatives. the Political parties use the language of the youth to bring them into the electoral fold & then forget them after elections. They should consider deploying technology, fielding educated candidates & even orgaize meet & greet opportunities with the candidates so that these voters become aware of who they are voting for.

As a long term measure elections should be introduced much earlier into the lives of the people and made part of urban way of living. Elections cannot be introduced at the age of 18 & remain a once in five years affair. Electoral initiatives should be taken in institutions, offices & even buildings, which will inculcate the practice of partaking in a democratic system among the urban populace.It should also be noted that voting as per the constitution is not compulsory and not to vote is also a right.

In this context Telangana Doctors & Professionals society is planning to conduct meetings in various colleges, Buidings & work place, where in the importance of taking part in voting in the elections is emphasizes and the developmental activities undertaken by the government of telangana benefit of the people are explained in detail thus educating the voters and there by increasing their participation in the electoral process.