About Us

Telangana Doctors & Professional Society

The Telangana Doctors & Professional Society inaugurated at Pragathi Bhavan, Hyderabad by Shri K. T. Rama Rao , Hon'ble Minister for IT, Industries, MA & UD, NRI Affairs, Telangana State on 20/10/2017.


  • To promote awareness among people about their rights, various developmental & welfare activities by the government and non-governmental agencies,
  • benefiting all sections of people.

  • To inspire the youth and all sections of people to participate in the developmental activities.

  • To undertake various programs for the women empowerment.

  • To take up the issues affecting the masses like poverty, unemployment, education, health, sanitation, etc.

  • To promote industrial development by helping startups & entrepreneurs in starting industries.

  • To start hospitals, old age homes, orphanages, schools and clinics in remote areas.

  • To develop agricultural lands in remote areas by taking up agricultural development projects which would enable the farmers to get more income.

  • To sell drugs at a cheaper rate through generic pharmacies.

  • To assist the Government and NGO’s in developmental projects of all varieties including infrastructure projects & setting up of industries.

  • To recruit volunteers for various service activities of the society.

  • To promote the free distribution of healthy food & food supplements to the needy orphans a different places.