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IndTal Ex-Serviceman

IGS is dedicated to serve the person who have served the nation. IGS salutes those who have scarified their life and golden years of their life serving mother land in different parts of country on difficult borders. Their selfless service with utmost dedication and discipline towards mother land can’t be compensated with any other thing.

It is our small endeavour towards resettlement of ESM. It is very challenging for these veterans to start their 2nd career in corporate world after being totally away from civil society for long years. IGS understands their need and expectations in their 2nd job in a better way than the rest of the placement agencies.

It is great pleasure of IGS to serve these defence veterans and do something by helping them to find 2nd career in this corporate world in the right industry based on their skill set and experience. Once these veterans have registered their profile in IGS, we take care to find most suitable job for you in Right industry.

We also provide value added services to ex-defence personnel :
  • Free Registration
  • Preparation of Resume
  • Preparation of Social Media Profile
  • Technique for on line job search
  • Interview preparation
  • Mock Interviews
  • Awareness about corporate Industry and it’s Culture
  • These services are extended to the immediate family and widows of ex-defence personnel as well.

  • Register your self today with IGS and get all support in starting your 2nd career.