IndTal Recruitment and Selection Process:

Recruitment that refers to the process of identifying and encouraging prospective employees to apply for the job, selection is concerned with picking the right candidates from pool of applied candidates. Recruitment is positive in it’s approach as it seeks to attract as many candidates as possible. Selection , on the other hand is negative in it’s application as it seeks to identify the right candidates from the pool of applied candidates.

Recruitment and selection of candidates is a process with a number of key stages, all of which combine to enhance chances of finding the best candidates for the open position. The stages followed by IGS are as follows :

  • Getting requirement from clients
  • Detailed understanding of client & Job Profile.
  • Planning the search.
  • Attracting candidates & Searching exclusive data base.
  • Screening, Mapping & Shortlisting candidates.
  • Interview and Assessment.
  • Preparing 2 batches of 7-8 candidates in each.
  • Sharing shortlisted candidates profile with client.
  • Co-ordinating final interview with shortlisted candidates and client.
  • Negotiating as mediator between candidates and clients.
  • Process 2nd batch of candidates if required.
  • Arranging, administrative process for selected candidates.
  • Maintain data bank of selected candidates.