Job Seekers

Registered job seekers is one of the GOAL of IGS and reason for our existence. Finding job requires good Planning, Energy, Time and Smart Discovery Tactics.

As a job seeker you must be knowing about two types of job market.
  • Visible Jobs
  • Hidden Jobs

  • The visible job market is where positions ae posted for everyone to see. Since they are visible, competition for these positions is very high which reduces the chances that your resume will get noticed. Experts estimate that there are only 20-25% of jobs visible or these jobs are published. So based on survey 75 to 80 % of all the jobs available in the market is unlisted or unadvertised or hidden jobs.

    How IGS is a advantage for Job Seekers?

    Here IGS becomes your reliable partner to support you to get ready with both type of job market. As your placement consultant our team works with indefatigable energy to give you access to these hidden jobs in the market. IGS gives you invaluable support and feedback to our registered job seekers in various other ways in getting their dream job.

  • IGS does the job searching for you in both Visible and Hidden jobs.
  • IGS helps you to understand the company culture, expectations of the jobs and provides insight into the team and manager
  • AS IGS acts as a bridge between employer and job seeker, we are in a better position to match two sides RIGHT FIT.
  • IGS increases the chances of candidates to get selected with Right Company that hold vacancies in the desired sector.
  • As your placement consultant we guide candidates to stay updated with latest demands in their sector in terms of skill and qualification.
  • IGS follows up on your behalf with employer and give you feedback throughout the job application process.
  • IGS gives you tips on how to revise your CV after exploring all your hidden skills and potential.

  • What we offer to job seekers?

    IGS offers various job options to choose from that last for varying lengths of time:

  • Temporary Jobs:
  • Companies often look for temporary hires to help during an employee’s absence or period of leave or during a busy work period. Sometimes they hire temporary workers to complete a particular project. These Temporary jobs range in lengths from a couple of weeks to many months.

  • Pocket Money/Weekend Jobs:
  • IGS’s one of the unique services include helping and supporting our young hardworking students finding jobs to earn Pocket money while they are pursuing their higher studies.

  • Temp to Perm Jobs:
  • These positions begin as temporary jobs so that the company can get to know the employee on trial basis. Then, if the company is happy with the employee’s work, they will likely to hire candidate directly. While the IGS will pay to temp employed candidates during temporary phase, the company will then take over paying the employee when he or she becomes a full time hire.

  • Permanent Jobs:
  • IGS hires candidates for permanent positions at various companies following our standard selection procedure.

    IGS Training Program :

    IGS conducts various training module for it’s registered candidates :
  • Personal interview training
  • Developing social media job profile of job seekers
  • Mock interview
  • Medical representative training
  • Special placement services for defence veterans.
  • Why IGS ?

  • Free registration for job seekers.
  • You get information about genuine and real time job opening.
  • You get better co-ordination from our team.
  • We value your time.
  • You get reliable feed back from our team for all your queries.
  • We follow FIFS system i.e we provide opportunity's on basis of First In First Service.
  • Finding your dream job is our passion.