Executive Search

In Today’s economic environment companies with best talent wins. Executive search is our primary area of service to our clients. We help you find best talent , best people to build successful team for your company.

Our core objective is to identify and assess outstanding executives and recruiting them into senior leadership roles in the corporate world. Our dedicated team of consultants is liable to follow a planned recruitment and selection process. This entails the use of recent technology and strategic approach besides following basic but important Standard Operating Procedure to meet client to understand the nature of job, role and get a feel of the culture and working environment, so that we can know what style of individual is most likely suited for the open position. This enables us to confidently and accurately promote your company and role to prospective candidates.

Our executive search specializes in the area of first line management like- team leader, office manager, supervisor to middle management like regional manager, general manager and top management like CEO, Chairman etc.

IGS has a reputation of serving our clients for business development, operations in the area of IT/IETS, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, finance, engineering, banking, retail service, power & energy, infrastructure, manufacturing, communication etc.

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