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IGS –ESDT is it’s kind of training, unique, innovative to open doors of success for students and job seekers.


You can't rely on your degree alone to automatically open doors after you graduate. It will certainly unlock doors – to be eligible to apply for jobs that specify "must be a graduate", and the subject or class of your degree may also be important to certain employers. But however good your degree class, however relevant your subject to the career that you'll be applying for, it is likely that you will be competing for this job with a number of other graduates who are equally well-qualified academically.

Employers are therefore seeking graduates who are enterprising, resourceful and adaptable and who, as well as their degree, possess a range of skills which can be used in a wide variety of settings as well as in their careers.

Here IGS has taken this challenging Task to develop employability skills of students and job seekers though various training modules:

  • Job Interview
  • Mock Interview
  • CCNA
  • CCNP
  • Soft Skills Development
  • Personality Development
  • UGC NET Psychology
  • SSB Interviews

  • ESDT Training

  • We are committed to provide training through innovative technique.
  • Developing skills to build self-confidence to be a leader in corporate world.
  • Interacting individually to know about candidates positive traits.
  • Conducting mock interviews and assessment including psychometric assessment.

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    IndTal Job Interview Training:

    You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a Good First Impression……..

    The mission of IGS interview training skills is to support students, fresher, job seekers, to develop interview skills before they attend any job interview. The job interview is the most important aspect of your job search. Often it is the person with best interviewing skills not necessarily the best qualifications, who gets the job offer.

    Mock interview by industry experts.

    Interview Audition:

    For some positions, interviewers want to see job candidates in action before they make a hiring decision. Subsequently, interviewers might take you through a simulation or exercise in order to evaluate your skills. An audition interview can be enormously useful to you as it allows you to demonstrate your abilities in interactive ways that are familiar to you.

    Stress Interview :

    Employers view the stress interview as a legitimate way of determining candidate aptness for a position and to reveal if they are easily shaken. e.g to increase the stress you might already be feeling just by interviewing in the first place, you might be held in the waiting room for an hour or so before the interviewer greets you. Worse, you may face long silence or cold stares from the interviewer. Additionally, the interviewer might openly challenge your beliefs or judgement.

    Yet another common tactics the stress interview , is for the interviewer to ask you to perform a seemingly unreasonable or odd task, like persuading him or her to exchange shoes with you. Insults and miscommunication are common tactics too.

    Pre-Interview preparation is the winning difference

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