Recruitment is a professional activity. We understand that quality employees are real asset of any organization. Company can grow and achieve it’s goal only through better planning, long term vision, an urge to fight and win with innovative and fresh ideas in this competitive world. All these can be accomplished only through team of highly professional employees. Employers are always looking for self-driven and self-motivated professionals who are willing to take forward organizational goal to meet their professional goal. As the technology is changing, advertising job opening in newspaper, television, magazines or pamphlets considered as effective mode of recruitment few years back is slowly losing its significance. The main reason behind this is employers want to save their TIME & ENERGY to utilize it to increase productivity of their organization.

Any process that involves a huge amount of TIME and ENERGY, which is not directly related to companies Goal and Objective is a “BIG NO” in today’s technological world. Besides company has to pay fees in advance when hiring through above advertising mediums with no guaranteed SUCCESS. If it fails in first attempt, the entire process has to be repeated thus wasting, man hour, energy and money with no desired result.

Here IGS takes this challenging and important assignments to complete it in perfect alignment with client satisfaction. You want to spend less time on recruitment activity and more time on strategy. IGS has designed searching tools that always give us an competitive advantage over others. For IGS, searching for right candidate in job portal is one way of reaching out to prospective candidates.

We reinforce our search process in job sites in our own unique ways to seek pearl from millions of resumes. We seek the widest distribution through Digital Marketing, Social networking, Posting offers in Facebook, linkedin, Twitter and Google Plus.

IGS success rate of getting the quality candidates is high as we understand business of the organization, the market you operate, technicality and prevailing culture of the organization before reinforcing our search process. Before sort listing candidates has to go through our selection process which includes Telephonic interview, video interview, written test based on nature of job profile, personal interview and assessment. For senior level positions we also under take psychometric test as additional aid of selection method. (Job Compatibility Questionnaire)

Why IGS?

  • We value commitment.
  • We use state of the art methods of selection such as psychometric and behavioural assessment tools for our Premium Clients.
  • We co-ordinate better than many of our competitors.
  • We fully understand the reason why would you outsource your recruitment worries.
  • Our objective is winning trust of client by way of our action because we truly believe “ Action Speaks Louder Than Words”
  • Our experience, expertise and tech-svvy in manpower consultancy makes us first choice of our clients.
  • Flexible services option to choose from.