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Common cases include clashes between individuals or establishments, for example, organizations, normally finished cash. A common case typically starts when one individual or business (the "offended party") cases to have been hurt by the activities of someone else or business (the "litigant") and approaches the court for help by recording a "dissension" and beginning a court case. The offended party may request that the court grant "harms" (cash to repay the offended party for any damage endured), or may request an "order" to keep the respondent from accomplishing something or to require the litigant to accomplish something, or may look for a "decisive judgment" in which the court decides the gatherings' rights under an agreement or statute.

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A social issue is an issue that impacts an extensive number of the people inside a general public. Usually the result of variables stretching out past a person's control, and is the wellspring of a clashing conclusion on the grounds of what is seen as an ethically simply individual life or societal order.[clarification needed] Social issues are recognized from monetary issues; in any case, a few issues, (for example, movement) have both social and financial perspectives. There are additionally issues that don't fall into either class, for example, fighting.

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